Automated Prior Authorization

Cut your prior authorization management costs
in half, improve patient access to care, and
increase collected revenue.

One Prior Authorization Ecosystem

AuthParency™ seamlessly integrates with virtually all EHR and practice management systems. It provides your team with a single integrated platform to manage all Prior Authorization (PA) needs.

That works to eliminate errors and information gaps. This leads to a decrease in denials, redundant tasks, non-reimbursable services, and increased collected revenue.

Prior Authorization Analytics Engine

AuthParency features an Analytics Engine that can automatically determine if prior authorization is needed. We built this unrivaled tool with 17 years of experience helping more than 500 companies with their PA needs.

Our Analytics Engine is powered by AI and machine learning. We also can add the knowledge of our clients’ authorization experts to improve results further.

Taken together, we provide an unrivaled solution for healthcare groups to solve their prior authorization challenges.

Alerts and Notifications

You receive alerts and notifications about actions needed for pending prior authorization. We also provide updates on all payer communications to facilitate the PA process.

Automated Authorization Processes

AuthParency can automate many of the prior authorization follow-ups needed to obtain the authorization. This helps to ensure that no prior auth is left behind.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

We provide our clients with advanced analytics and reporting. This data provides actionable insights into ways they can improve their prior authorization performance.