Advanced Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Reduce denied claims by 70% with
state-of-the-art eligibility and verification.

The Critical First Step to Solving Prior Authorization Issues

Research shows the cause of more than 70% of denied claims is due to inaccurate eligibility and benefits verification data.

That means the place to start reducing denied claims is with your electronic eligibility & benefits verification processes.

Not all real-time eligibility (RTE) solutions are created equally.

With our advanced Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification solution, we help companies reduce their denied claims and overlooked prior authorizations.

Compare your current Eligibility & Benefits Verification provider’s capabilities to AuthParency’s.

List of Payers

AuthParency connects with over 1,600 healthcare payers—even non-EDI payers. Our list of payers is unrivaled in the industry, providing the comprehensive results you need to reduce front-end billing and Prior Authorization mistakes.

History with Payers

AuthParency has been helping healthcare providers solve their Prior Authorization challenges for 16 years. We have a long history with payers. That provides us with critical insights into their idiosyncrasies. These longstanding relationships enable us to provide superior eligibility and benefits verification results.

Easy to Read Results

AuthParency’s advanced RTE technology delivers easy-to-read results. This eliminates the need for seasoned billing staff to sort out the information accurately. The result is fewer billing mistakes and staff cost savings.

Multi-Level Verifications

AuthParency’s RTE Solution retrieves data for:

  • Network
  • Payer
  • Location
  • Plan
  • Service & Procedure
  • Benefit Limitations
  • Coordination of Benefit scenarios
  • If-then Situations.

Expansive Service Verification

Many RTE solutions limit search results to one service line per request. AuthParency offers up to three service line results for each patient search, saving thousands annually.

Patient Insurance Coverage Discovery

AuthParency’s RTE offering provides a patient discovery tool to minimize revenue losses when treating financially at-risk patients.

Business Rules Engine

AuthParency’s RTE solution enables you to add the knowledge of your experienced verification specialists into a Business Rules Engine that automatically returns the current patient benefits.