Prior Authorization simplified and redefined

Reduce Denials and Increase Revenue

Prior Authorization Challenges

  • Patient care delays
  • Administrative costs
  • Claim denials increase
  • Collected revenue falls

How AuthParency Helps

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

70% of denied claims are due to front-end billing errors. Inadequate eligibility & benefits verification cause most of these. AuthParency provides the most advanced solution for this critical billing step. You can get started with our free trial.

Prior Authorization Automation

Prior Authorization is an administrative burden to all healthcare providers. AuthParency’s automated solution cuts prior authorization time in half. And our solution is compatible with all EHR and practice systems.

Coordination of Benefits

Collecting all revenue due is critical to any group’s financial health. AuthParency’s solution automatically retrieves patients’ primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance data to ensure you receive what is owed.

Prior Authorization Services

If your staff struggles to handle your Prior Auth needs, we can lighten their load. Our team of experts can handle your most challenging and time-consuming prior authorizations, helping to ensure no prior auth is left behind.

Patient Payment Estimator

AuthParency’s solution enables you to quickly provide patients with an estimate of their financial responsibility for treatment. Taking this essential step will increase your group’s collected revenue.

Actionable Integrated Analytics

AuthParency provides your group with advanced analytics and reporting. This data provides actionable insights into ways your organization can improve its prior auth performance.

AI-augmented Prior Authorization powered by Machine Learning

AuthParency helps:

  • Analyze payers’ tendencies
  • Reduce patients’ days to care
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Stop losses from non-reimbursable services
  • Identify financial toxicity burdens
  • Analyze population health data
  • Track disparities
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Reduce denials, redundant tasks, and waste

Built with the patient advocate in mind

    • Transparent process and authorization status indicators
    • Custom drug and procedure protocols
    • Facility and network views
    • Precision pathway mapping
    • Internal audit logs

Prior authorization expiration alerts

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Reduce patient access barriers

AuthParency’s enable providers to improve patient access by 25% or more through our automated processes.

Optimize internal resources

AuthParency helps providers optimize their internal resources. Providers spend more time with patients.

Increase collected revenue

AuthParency’s integrated solution enables healthcare groups to submit accurate claims. This leads to an increase of 15% to 25% in collected revenue by reducing denied claims.

One ecosystem to optimize efficiency and accuracy

  • Insurance discovery, validation, and verification
  • Medical and drug benefits
  • Compatible with all EHR and PM Systems
  • Payer Policy discovery
  • HUB enrollment
  • Appeals
  • Clinical and financial benchmarking
  • Priority Pathways

Ready to solve your prior authorization
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